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Olfa XH-AL Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife


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  • Fiberglass-reinforced body
  • Wraparound, anti-slip grip
  • Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blade
  • Stainless-steel support channel
  • Tool-free blade change

Ultra Sharp for Thick Materials

The OLFA 25mm XH-AL Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife exceeds job site expectations. The extra heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced body makes this knife lightweight but strong. The oversized handle provides the leverage needed to cut through hardy materials. The wraparound ergonomic anti-slip rubber grip delivers confident cutting control.

Preloaded with an HBB 25mm Ultra-Sharp Black Blade. The extra heavy-duty blade is thicker, stronger, and more durable than standard blades. The dual-honed black blade is 25% sharper than standard OLFA silver blades. The stainless-steel blade channel supports the blade to cut with quick ease.

Changing blades is quick and tool-free. The auto-lock function allows for swift blade activation. Move the blade between cutting depths with tactile audible clicks at each stop. The pre-set detents lock in place for cutting on nylon, rope, plastics, laminates, and more.

Fits all OLFA 25mm blades including HB Silver Snap Blades, HSW Saw Blades, and HH Hook Snap Blades.

(XH-AL, #1104189)


Cardboard / Corrugated Carpet
Flexible plastics Foam board
Gaskets House wrap
Insulation Laminates
Linoleum Nylon
Plastic sheeting Plastic straps
Shrink wrap Tape
Turf Twine / Rope
And more

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