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Leak Sentry Fill Valve


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The proven performance of the 400A fill valve with the added benefits of water saving technologies prevents automatic refill of a leaky tank. Easy to install. Height adjusts from 9" to 14" to fit most tanks. Anti-siphon design prevents contamination of household drinking water. Level adjusting screw for best flush. The leak sentry device alerts you to an internal toilet leak and prevents water waste until the flapper is replaced. The refill adjuster allows the right amount of water to be delivered to your bowl. Too high a refill to the bowl wastes water down the drain. Too low can cause an improper flush or sewer gas to leak into the room. Engineered to last with nine different settings. Fluidmaster's new & innovative refill adjuster allows individuals to adjust the amount of water delivered to the toilet bowl. Torque guard locknut prevents damage from over tightening the nut. 5-Year warranty,

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