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Hillman Group Hardware Essentials Wire Rope Clip Zinc (1/2")

Hillman Group

SKU: 321742
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Hardware Essentials wire rope clips for making a loop at the end of wire rope (cable).

  • Not for coated cable. Remove coating before installation.
  • Must match cable size. U-bolt is steel.
  • Saddle is malleable cast iron. Do not use for critical applications.
  • WARNING: Do not use to hang loads, lift loads, or support weights of persons or objects.
  • If three wire rope clips are required ensure each clip is equally spaced
  • Please reference a sizing guide for minimum number of clips required according to wire clip size and for how much wire rope to turn back
  • Ensure to wrap the end up wire rope with wire to help prevent against fraying.
  • Five (5) flagged items per sellable unit
  • Item sold individually at retail

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