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Hampton Keeper High Tension Ratchet Tie-Downs

Hampton Products

SKU: 051643455184
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  • 500 lbs. Working load limit
  • Maximizes tension for a secured hold
  • Padded molded ratchet handle
  • Perfect for trucks, trailers, ATVs, fishing, camping etc

Product Information

The Keeper® 15 ft. Ratchet Tie-Down features an abrasion-resistant 1 in. Hi-Test® webbing to secure cargo load and absorb shock during transportation. It is constructed with a steel ratchet, open molded grip handle, and full-sized vinyl-covered S-hooks. To engage attach the hook to an anchor point, pull strap over the cargo load and tug to desired tension. Ratchet by raising and lowering the handle to lock the cargo into place.

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