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Dap Touch ‘N Foam Professional® Wall & Cavity Foam (10.5 LB, Cream)

DAP Global Inc

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Touch ‘N Foam Professional® Wall & Cavity Foam with Widespray Applicator kits are portable, self-contained one-component polyurethane foam dispensing kits. When used according to manufacturer’s directions, they effectively air seal and insulate homes and buildings while enhancing R-Value and providing Class A fire resistance. The patent-pending technology offers a broadcast spray solution similar to two-component systems, but in a less complicated, easier to use one-component solution. This one-component system can be applied in a wide temperature range of 40°F - 120°F. Great for repairs, renovations and new installations. Not to be used for direct overhead spraying applications.

Key Features

  • DAP
  • DAP

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-mixed formula that is always on ratio
  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Responsive wide spray applicator that can spray horizontally and vertically
  • Wide temperature range (40F - 120F) for greater project versatility
  • Great for filling wall cavities, rim joists, attic & crawl spaces (excludes overhead spraying)
  • Class A fire rated
  • Save on energy costs
  • High closed cell content
  • Interior use only
  • Low Global Warning Potential
  • Air seals

How to Use


Proper application is crucial to getting the best performance out of your Wall & Cavity Canister Foam. Please review these steps before beginning work on your project.

How to Use Wall and Cavity Canister Foam Step 1

Step one: Check 3 temperatures & relative humidity before applying.

Wall & Cavity DAP Step 2 Shake Vigorously

Step two: Shake canister vigorously (by holding the top and bottom of the tank) for at least 30 seconds.

Wall & Cavity canister how to step 3

Step three: Make sure the lever on application is in OFF/closed position.


Step four: ATTACH HOSE finger tight and then use the wrench provided to tighten additional 1/4 turn. 

Wall & Cavity Canister Step 5

Step five: 3 full turns; Fully open the valve on tank by turning three times (360°).

Wall & Cavity Foam Step 6

Step six: Test spray on test cardboard or into trash bin before use on project to get a feel for the flow. 


Step seven: Slowly push trigger forward to first detent to open valve to dispense foam. Increase flow by pushing forward to third detent. 

Step 8 Wall & Cavity Canister foam : IMPORTANT: Rapidly and continuously spray 1/2" first layer. Do not overfill. This expands up to 3x

Step eight: Foam expands up to 3x. Spraying more than 1/2" can lead to slumping or drooling foam. 


The applicator sprays HORIZONTALLY when nozzle is in horizontal position. To spray VERTICALLY, rotate hand so that the nozzle is in the vertical position.

Horizontal spray foamVertical spray foam DAP

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