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Best Garden Combination Hose Nozzle Set (3-Piece)

Best Garden

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3-piece watering nozzle combo set. Includes (1) water wand, (1) adjustable tip nozzle, and (1) 10-pattern nozzle, providing a tool for almost any watering need. The metal body 16-inch water wand with rubber comfort grip features 7 spray patterns including: shower, soaker, bucket filler, rinse, power wash, mist, flat. Features an adjustable, articulating head for added versatility. Also includes front trigger control. The adjustable tip nozzle with rear trigger allows alteration to the stream for cleaning and watering needs. Rubber grip overmold provides comfort during extended use. Flow control dial controls how much water flows through the nozzle. The 10-pattern nozzle features an adjustable head to choose the ideal setting for watering needs and a rear trigger. Pattern options include: rinse, soaker, cone, 1/2 vert, center, flat, mist, angle, vertical, shower. Rubber grip overmold and ergonomic handle provide comfort and fit. Flow control dial controls the amount of water flowing through the nozzle.

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