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Redibase Disposable Plastic Footing for In-Ground Concrete Column (8" x 24")


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​​.... is a flexible 8" x 24" recycled plastic construction tube footing form used for applying a footing to in-ground concrete columns. Suitable for exterior structures such as decks, porches, gazebos, add-ons, agricultural shelters and much more.

Easy and quick to assemble, REDIBASE attaches to any 8", 10" and 12" constructions tubes in minutes... simply pull the base down over a cut to length construction tube allowing tabs to click into place and then simply duct tape tube to base. No more form boxes to build or tools and lumber required... making it the preferred footing form among DIYs and contractors alike.


Today's exterior structures have become more sophisticated; multi-level, composite decking, incorporated BBQ's, mini pools, hot tubs and glassed in areas... all of which represent a substantial investment for home owners, expecting years of safe and trouble free service and enjoyment. However, few of these amenities are possible on a stressed and off level platform. 

​Recognizing the need to stabilize in-ground concrete columns in order to eliminate the destructive effects of tilting, sinking or frost-heave, both U.S. and Canadian national building codes now require footings like REDIBASE be used on all in-ground column foundations... making our footing form the obvious start to a trouble free, longer lasting structure. 


  • ​​Economical and easy to use - Saving you time and money!
  • No tools or lumber for forms or bracing required
  • ​​Forms a solid, one pour, one piece casting
  • Same day start to finish project - No downtime!
  • Minimizes open-excavation time - Safer work sites!​
  • Increases lateral stability and load bearing capacity
  • Columns won't tilt, lift, sink or frost heave
  • Resistant to wash-out
  • Code compliant


  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Our one size form fits all 8, 10 & 12 inch construction tubes
  • REDIBASE is a flexible form that ​can contour to the roughest of excavation bottoms... making it more versatile than other forms
  • Our unique design nests & ships parcel service...  making us the most affordable and readily available footing form across North America!​
  • ​Attaches with duct tape in minutes - No drilling, nor rings to cut off 
  • Because there are no rings to cut off, REDIBASE won't cast a fracture line into column 
  • Aligning & leveling columns is made easy with our unique tabs & strong taped collar, providing extra flexibility during system installation. Our system won't come apart or damage construction tubes like a rigid screwed attachment can
  • ​REDIBASE uses less concrete than any other footing form with the same footprint!
  • 100% product availability commitment!


  • ​​​​Decks, Porches & Gazebos
  • Carports, Seasonal Rooms, Add-ons & Lean-tos
  • Sheds & Greenhouses 
  • Garden Bridges
  • Agricultural Shelters, Pole Buildings, Silos, & Holding Tanks 
  • Fence, Light & Flag Posts
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Sculptures & Statues 
  • ​Play Ground & Sport Structures 
  • ​​Solar Panels ​
  • ​Mail Boxes
  • Boat Moorings
  • Aviation, Mobile Home  & Other Tie Down Anchors​


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